My Yute Soccer is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary


It is our pleasure to announce the inaugural MYS to Jamaica trip!

Join us as we partner with BREDS, a unique, charitable organization in Treasure Beach. Like My Yute Soccer, it is wholly based on volunteers, focused on providing education and enrichment for its community. 

Why? The roots of inspiration for My Yute Soccer come from Jamaica. Since 2008, My Yute Soccer founders and Advisory Board have worked diligently to provide free soccer camps, build a team mentor program, and source new partnerships–all with the goal of exposing more individuals to world perspectives through soccer.  


Treasure Beach is approximately two and a half hours drive from Montego Bay Airport with accommodations at Jack Sprat. 



Dates are set for July 1 through July 9, 2017 for a select group of twenty MYS coaches and community members. 



Highlights include providing FREE soccer clinics, attending a cricket match and touring sustainable fishery and farm.